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Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS

Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS module will let you charge extra fees and set up discounts for the usage of a chosen payment gateway.


You can pay via (BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, TRX and 100 more CryptoCurrencies)

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July 1, 2024

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Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS is targeted at allowing you the freedom to impose an additional fee or set up a discount to be applied for the usage of a particular payment gateway. Having the possibility to select not only products, addons and TLDs that shall be offered with these custom billing rules, but also clients excluded from their conditions, you can easily achieve an exact fit of all gateway features.

Whether you go for a charge or a discount, the module will let you define its amount in either a percentage or fixed format. You can establish as many billing rules as preferred, each with multiple tiers to be executed depending on the invoice amount. To make sure the rules are tailored precisely to your liking, you will be also able to formulate various conditions for applying charges and discounts based on such key factors as clients, groups, currencies or even countries. For easier management, the existing rules can be quickly copied between one gateway to another.

Leave the humdrum behind and go beyond the usual means to fine-tune your business offer. Order Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS and take control over gateways in your system to a whip-smart level!


  • Module

    • Display Charge Or Discount Rates Depending On Available Gateways
    • Display Calculated Rates For Chosen Gateways
    • Create Multiple Billing Rules For Gateways
    • Copy Existing Rules Between Gateways
    • Choose Calculation Method For Charge Or Discount Per Rule:
      • Percentage
      • Fixed Amount
    • Toggle Charging After Tax Application
    • Toggle Tax Application To Charge
    • Toggle Charging After Promo Code Application
    • Set Billing Calculation Methods:
      • Standard
      • Alternative (e.g. PayPal)
      • PayPalV2
    • Create Multiple Steps With Minimum Invoice Value To Apply Fees And Discounts
    • Create Multiple Rule Activation Conditions For:
      • All Clients
      • Chosen Clients
      • Chosen Client Groups
      • Clients Or Groups With Specific Currencies
      • Clients Or Groups With Specific Countries
    • Perform Bulk Actions To Mark As Chargeable:
      • Clients
      • Products
      • Addons
      • TLDs (Register/Transfer/Renew)
      • Other:
        • Adding Funds To Credit Deposit
        • Late Fee Invoice Items
        • Custom Invoice Items
    • Toggle Visibility Of Charge Rates In Client Area
    • Define Charge Format Displayed On Invoice
    • Define Div Tag For Custom Order Template Integration
    • Toggle Redundant Logs Deletion After Defined Period
    • Access Module Logs
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